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Pink Caravan concludes tour in Northern Emirates, prepares for Dubai and Abu Dhabi

March 21st,2015

Pink Caravan, an initiative by the Friends of Cancer Patients Society, concluded on Saturday its sixth day of the 10 days ride schedules to cover the seven emirates, spreading a message of hope and awareness to all residents of the UAE. In its first six days, the Pink Caravan Ride covered Sharjah, Fujairah, RAK, Umm al-Qaiwain, and Ajman.

The ride is scheduled to be in Dubai on Sunday and Monday and will be concluded in Abu Dhabi on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Sharjah gave a warm welcome to the ride on Saturday, as riders reached it from Ajman led by Sheikh Mohammad bin Abdullah bin Mohammad Al Thani, Head of the Department of Statistics and Community Development in Sharjah. The Caravan included the youngest PC Ambassador and Rider Sheikha Aliaa bint Khalid bin Saqr Al Qasimi, as well as Sheikh Sultan bin Khalid bin Saqr Al Qasimi, and a number of local, Arab, and foreign riders.

The Ride's first stop was in front of the Sharjah Ladies Club, where the riders where welcome by Ameera Binkaram, President of the Board of Trustees and a founding member of the Friends of Cancer Patients society (FoCP), accompanied by a wide audience of women, girls and children, who expressed their admiration of the Ride's noble cause. The next stop was made at the Central Market in Sharjah, where another round of awareness and hope was dispersed.

At Al Majaz Waterfront, a large audience gathered around the riders, commending their dedication to this noble cause, and encouraging them to carry on with this mission. The riders took advantage of the Mother's Day celebrations taking place at the Waterfront to engage women and their children in their activities, encouraging everyone to take the free screening test at the mobile clinic that accompanies the Ride.

The ride made another stop at Al Qasba before sunset, covering 25 km in this day, and a total of 155.5 km in six days. Visitors at Al Qasba greeted the riders and engaged with them in a public Q&A session about the services offered by Pink Caravan, with many of them taking the opportunity to take the free screening test. Many others also expressed support to the Pink Caravan by sending donation SMSs or donating directly on the spot.

This comes following a successful fifth day on Friday, where the Pink Caravan ride set off from the main gate of Umm al-Qaiwain Hospital, where it was greeted by Juma Obaid Ibrahim Al Asi, Deputy General Manager of the hospital, and Salma Saleh Mubarak, Head of the Health Education Department at Umm al-Qaiwain Medical District, as well as a number of medical staff and guides, who praised the important role played by the Pink Caravan and its remarkable ride.

After leaving the Umm al-Qaiwain Hospital, the ride headed towards the Emirate of Ajman, where the riders took another step towards spreading awareness among all social sectors. The enthusiasm shown by children towards the riders was remarkable, as they Pink Caravan Ride "helps protecting their parents from sickness", as the children stated.

The first stop at Ajman was at Khalifa Hospital, where they were received by the medical team and a number of people awaiting the screening tests.
The second step was at Kempinski Ajman hotel, where the hotel's management gave them a warn welcome, facilitating their mission in engaging with the public, before moving to Al Qasr Ajman, where a special activity titled "Pink Fitness" was organized with the participation of a number of athletes from both genders.